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Food Handlers, Business License. EIN Tax, and Commercial License.

Research of 50 reasons why all the ingredients in our juices and shakes are beneficial within your mind, body and heart.

  1. Great aroma and makes you feel absolutely amazing 
  2. Helps hydrate
  3. Support heart health
  4. Protect your brain from neurological diseases
  5. Protect your skin against aging
  6. Fight inflammation in the body and reduce the risk of cancer
  7. Relive pain
  8. Reduce bad breath
  9. Protect your bones
  10. Prevent constipation
  11. Maintain healthy weight
  12. Fiber
  13. Low calories
  14. Antioxidants
  15. Low carbs
  16. Protein
  17. Vitamin A,B,C, E and K
  18. Potassium
  19. Thiamine
  20. Folate
  21. Magnesium
  22. Minerals
  23. Protect your cells from harmful bacteria and viruses. (Vitamin C)
  24. Recover more quickly from the common cold. (Vitamin C)
  25. Small amounts of zinc, copper and iron
  26. Appetite control (Fiber)
  27. Helps promote fullness and reduce calorie intake
  28. May help prevent insulin resistance and diabetes
  29. Involved in many aspects of metabolism
  30. Blood sugar control. (Eating Fresh Grapefruit)
  31. Adequate potassium intake is associated with a reduced risk of high blood pressure. 
  32. Fiber in grapefruit may boost heart health
  33. Regulating blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  34. May reduce the risk of kidney stones
  35. Beta-carotene/ Cancer/ eye related
  36. Lycopene-/ certain cancers such as prostate cancer and slow the growth of tumors
  37. Flavanones
  38. Kale, Grapefruit and avocado salad very healthy
  39. Strengthen your immune system
  40. Helps stay calm and cool
  41. Washing and cleansing agent
  42. Protection against polyarthritis and arthritis
  43. Helps control nausea
  44. Indigestion
  45. Blood purifier
  46. Reduces fever
  47. Foot relaxation
  48. Gingerol
  49. Reduce Muscle Pain and soreness
  50. Reduce Menstrual pain 

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