Her & Herself Program

A Queen's Classroom Network.

Her & Herself is an intimate journey experience, between women and themselves. Number 4 Fresh Blend Irish LLC. and our product Number 4 Fresh Blend. Irish, focuses on 3 main areas within a women’s energy. Her Mind, Her Body, and Her Heart. Learning the need for her health and wellness. We, queens, will build together, within ourselves the values of weight loss, weight gain, confidence booster, pocketbook tools, shopping tools, snacking tools, juice, shake, recipe tools, Tummy tools, Juicey Booty tools, LIVE Body workout sessions, LIVE Cooking sessions, Personal development, self-growth and listening out for her own love languages. Queen’s Reflection and a safe place to become intimate to Discover, Rediscovery, and balance her crown.

Love the journey, that she has created for her and herself.

Written by Queen Juicey Shake
Dating Your Food Course.

Formally known as “A Queen’s Classroom Network.” The name was our first palate choice. Which it was “cool”, However; we wanted a palate more tailored made, for each queen who becomes apart of our vison with 2K women. “Her & Herself” is such a more worthy fit. Creating a space to not exclude any women, who wanted and needed to be apart of their own uniqueness. This is an individual journey, doing it Together.

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