Pooping Right or Wrong!

Which one are you 90° or 35°?

90°: Not properly emptying out the gut toxins, can help keep the stubborn fat right in your gut.

35°: Helps empty out the gut, by opening your rectum at a proper level to push the toxins through. Elevating a huge amount of gut toxins and fat stored in the tummy.

  1. Drink water before bed. (Daily)
  2. Drink water right after waking up. (Daily)
  3. Repeat 1 and 2 daily. When our bodies are asleep, we become dehydrated overnight. Allowing our stool to become hard and stuck. The 90° and not enough water will help the toxins and fat to remain there. The 35° and water helps create a slide to removing the fat and gut toxins.

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